Rico Back

Managing Partner

Rico Back is a businessman and entrepreneur, who has held senior positions in the global logistics and parcels industry for over three decades. He was CEO of the Royal Mail Group, CEO of the parcel service company GLS as well as co-founder and Managing Director of German Parcel.

Under his leadership, Royal Mail developed the strategic plan called “Journey 2024”, which has ensured the company’s long-term viability. Since its implementation, Royal Mail has been transforming itself from a postal company primarily focused on UK letter delivery to a globally positioned logistics company with international parcel services and a letter business in the UK.

In 1989, Rico Back was co-founder and Managing Director of German Parcel, a national parcel service provider in Germany, later renamed GLS. In 1999, he managed the sale of German Parcel to Royal Mail, and as CEO of GLS took over and founded further parcel services companies, thereby significantly expanding the network throughout Europe. Under his leadership, GLS became one of the leading suppliers of logistics and parcel services in continental Europe and North America with generated sales of more than 4 billion euros.

In addition to his extensive knowledge and experience in the global postal and parcel industry, Rico Back has successfully acquired and integrated over 80 companies.


2020 – today CEO Back Enterprises, Managing Partner SKR AG
2016 – 2020 Royal Mail Group, most recently as CEO
1999 – 2018 CEO of GLS General Logistics Systems B.V.
1989 – 1999 Founding member and Managing Director of German Parcel