Financing healthy growth sustainably

We will support your company with capital and expertise

Find suitable investors

Are you looking for capital? We bring companies together with suitable investors so that they continue to deliver healthy growth.

Know your own goals

How much capital is needed? Is the finance needed for expansion, or is the sale of shares also tied up with succession planning? What say should the investor get? Together with you, we will set clear goals, as only then can our professional search for the ideal investor begin.

Partners with capital and expertise

In addition to their financial involvement, many investors also offer valuable expertise – often in conjunction with a clear specialisation in selected industries. This can be a great advantage for companies on a growth trajectory. In addition to providing necessary capital, experienced companions are also valuable in terms of strategic and operational management.

Chemistry counts (too)!

With corporate investments, there should be a common consensus as to what further development steps the company should take. The investor culture is important here: Does it need “hard” restructurers, pure financial investors or long-term oriented investors such as family offices? There should be clarity about these soft factors, because they contribute to success.


Capital market service

Investing capital sensibly and profitably requires a clear assessment of the company and market developments. We provide major shareholders, stockholders and entrepreneurs with sound investment information that goes beyond financial analysis.

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