Mergers & acquisitions

Changes through acquisition or sale

Mergers & acquisitions are complex

Whether in relation to sales, operations, IT, finance or legal matters, our consulting team will provide you with information and strategic decision support. We will manage the due diligence process up to the time of decision and successfully implement transactions.

M&A strategy

With a clear strategy, transactions become a success story. This requires a professional team to accompany the mergers and acquisitions process, as well as a planning phase with analyses in all relevant areas.

Potential targets

Whether buying or selling, SKR will help you define the right partner profile and explore the market for them. Once suitable candidates have been identified, information has been gathered and risks have been assessed, we move on to the transaction phase.


Transactions and their financing are becoming increasingly complex. The SKR team will create the optimal financing concept for you and find suitable partners for you, screening investors and lenders on your behalf.

Due diligence

Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats: SKR uncovers risk potentials and future opportunities identified in connection with transactions. All the relevant areas of the company are audited in the process, with the findings incorporated into the evaluation.

Post-merger integration

Strategically planning the integration phase in advance and professionally managing it after the legal transaction has taken place – these are important keys to success. SKR will support you with the integration process and its implementation.

M&A learnings

Companies for whom specific transactions are part of their growth strategy should learn from experience. Each deal provides valuable insights that can be used to add value in the next process.

SKR’s team of advisors has assisted with more than 90 mergers and acquisitions with a total transaction volume of 5 billion dollars. We are now putting this wealth of experience to work for our customers.


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